G.A.P. - God And Puppets Ministry

The G.A.P. Ministry stands for “God and Puppets”; the two humans behind the puppet ministry are Ellen Ritchie and Connie Fish. Our main puppets are Katie, Kevin, Amy and Tommy, but they have friends who often show up!

Here is our story: Our father, George Bryant was in a nursing home diagnosed with corticobasal degeneration disease. He was having a very rough day and would not eat or correspond with any of us.  My Aunt Alline, dad’s sister and my cousin Katina both from Muncie IN was visiting with dad along with my sister Ellen, my mom Betty, my Aunt Jewel, dad’s other sister, and I.  My cousin Katina has a puppet ministry in Muncie called “The Mustard Seed Ministry” and had brought one of her puppets with her.  After a while Katina brought out her puppet and begins to sing to my dad.  He immediately responds to the song and her puppet. After the song, he started talking to us and responding to everything we would say to him, and he even ate his dinner.  God spoke to me and said, “Connie you need to start a puppet ministry”.   Which I totally disagreed with!

Time passed and my father passed away, but God kept telling me to start a puppet ministry.  I thought of every excuse not to.  But as you well know, God always wins!!

My sister and I have been so blessed by this ministry which we started in October 2015.  We do the children’s church on Sunday mornings and the kids enjoy interacting with the different puppets. We also have been blessed to do the puppet ministry at the Mother and Daughter Banquet at Zenas Baptist Church, and for a revival in North Vernon. We write our own skits which help her and me with our bible studies. This is something we both enjoy and brings us closer as sisters.

Westport Baptist Church has blessed us by supporting and encouraging us with this ministry.  We give them thanks for believing in us and supporting the G.A.P Ministry.